Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Using Flash for illustration (Aces High)

I'm still going on the Aces High illustration. But I'm almost finished. When ever I can get a free moment I'm on it. What's interesting about this is I'm using Flash MX (I'm a tight arse and haven't upgraded for awhile) for the rendering. I wanted to do this piece in more of a flat coloured comic style. So I'm combining gradient fills with some bitmap textures to get the effect I want.

I like Flash for these kind of jobs as it's a bit more intuative in it's line creation and fill work. You can draw a line and then drag it into any shape you want and you can just fill what ever you want quickly and easily. Of course the newer versions of Adobe Illustrator have started to do this as well with LivePaint but it still seems a bit clunky to me.

It might be interesting to do a painted version as well to see the difference. In all those free hours I've got I might be able to do something :)


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